How will Brexit impact you buying a house in Greece? 

In March 2019 the UK officially leaves the EU.

Although some of the finer details are still being discussed, the British Prime Minister (Theresa May) has said that EU citizens will no longer be able to move freely in the UK. Conversely, it is unlikely that British citizens will be able to move freely around Europe after this date. 

So what does this mean to you?

If you want to buy a house in Greece you should do so before May of next year. It may still be possible for you to purchase a property after this date but only if the property has a purchase price of more than 250,000 Euro because this falls under the Greek Golden Visa programme.

Don’t leave it too late – start your property search now so you can have your dream home in Greece without additional fuss and red tape. Remember you are not just looking for a house but a lifestyle and your own little piece of paradise.

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