The Brexit deadline is Friday 31 January 2020.

The European Parliament has officially ratified the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, and begun to say its goodbyes.

We know that British people buying overseas/Greece don’t need to put off their plans after the Brexit date, as the transition period means the same rights extend until December 2020, such as to move abroad without a visa.

Therefore, if you are a British citizen, now is the right time to purchase a property in Greece, as applying and receiving your Greek resident permit is still a straight forward procedure with almost no paperwork.

For non-EU citizens the easiest and fastest way to receive your residence permit is the golden visa scheme.

If you purchase a property at 250’000 Euro and above, you can then apply and receive your residence permit.

Whether a British citizen, an EU or a non-EU citizen, we will be delighted to help you find your ideal home and then assist you with all legalities/ formalities all the way to your very own place in the Messinian Peloponnese sun.