As predicted, Boris Johnson is the new Prime Minister of the U.K., receiving the most votes from Conservative Party members.

But what next if you’re buying a property abroad?

No-one knows if there will be a modified withdrawal agreement or no deal Brexit, or what the result of no deal would be. Neither do we have any idea of the likely result of a general election, given the many new parties.

However, there are some basic facts that we can cling onto, and plan accordingly.

Purchasing a property in the Messinian Peloponnese/Greece

Brexit, even no deal, does not touch on property rights and won’t affect your right to own a home in Greece.


As with other ‘third country nationals’ in the EU such as Americans, Australians, etc, you will still be able to vacation in Greece too, up to half the year with no restrictions.

If you purchase a property prior to the UK leaving the EU, it will be a very easy and straight forward process with very little bureaucracy to apply and receive your residence permit.

Our office and the legal team we recommend will do the whole work and you will be able to get your residence permit in less than 2 weeks.

Therefore, don’t abandon your plans!

We expect our clients to be able to live in Greece reasonably unaffected.