Traditional, old stone village house [531]

Traditional, old stone village house, 5 km from the historical town of Mystras and 30 km from the sea.

The property is located in a traditional village of Laconia, just 5 km away from the historical town of Mystras, which is not a resort or a ghost town dependent on foreign residents, but a healthy, prosperous Greek village with a post office, ATM, bakery, mini market, hotels, coffee shops and tavernas open all year round; and regular bus service to Kalamata and Sparta. Only five more km takes you to Sparta itself, where everything is available.

Mystras is one of the most interesting and intriguing locations in the Peloponnese. Standing still in time, this city is a reminder of glorious era of power and culture.
Its fortifications and churches, palaces and mansions, roads and fountains, charm thousands of visitors daily and offers them valuable insights in the evolution and culture of the Byzantines.
Its story begins in the mid-13th century when the Franks were dominant in the Peloponnese.
In 1249 Villehardouin II built an impregnable fortress at the top of a hill called Mistras or Mizithras. Ten years later Villehardouin found himself a prisoner of the Byzantine Emperor Michael Paleologus and bought his freedom by handing over the fortresses of Mistras, Monemvasia and Mani. Mistras offered security, so that the inhabitants of neighbouring Lacedemonia, as Sparti was then called, made their homes on the slopes surrounding the fortress.
The settlement and the Hora (town) were protected by a wall, but the new houses were built outside the enclosure. Another wall protected the new settlement, Kato Hora. The stratigi (generals) governed the town, and as of 1308, when the seat of the Diocese had been moved to Lacedaemonia, Mistras became in the mid-14th century the capital of the Peloponnese and the seat of the Seignioly (Despotate) of the Moreas, with a ruler or despot who enjoyed tenure for life.

The house, which is in need of full renovation, is situated to enjoy early morning sun, afternoon shade, and protection from wind. No need for AC up here; when it’s sweltering at sea level, a ceiling fan is all that’s needed.

The house comes with a permit to renovate from the Greek Department of Archaeology. Also, a building permit to enlarge the property is also possible.
Electricity and water are nearby.

The permit states that the house can be renovated at the same size, which
> is 85m2. How the space inside is divided is not specified.
It was my plan to make one very large, generous room, and use the basement for
> laundry, bathroom and storage. I did not ask to enlarge the house, but
> the immediate neighbors enlarged theirs, so a further permit would be
> possible to do the same thing. I can send you the permit by fax, if you
> like.

The house comes with a large plot of 4.500 m2 with about 70 well-tended olive trees plus figs, grapes and blackberries.

Approx 30 km to the water’s edge.

Beautiful views of Taygetos mountain and lots of greenery all around.

Price: 100000€
Location: Peloponnese - Lakonia
Code: 531
House (sq m): 85
Land (sq m): 4500

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